Date: 03.10.2023

Case Study: Kindlustusest

Kindlustusest insurance broker has been operating the Estonian market since 2000. They bring their clients offers from up to 9 insurance companies. For cars they offer traffic and casco insurance. The latter is something DriveX is helping them with. 

The difference between the old and new casco processes arises when the customer has to send photos of their car to Kindlustusest. The old way was to ask the customer to take these photos and send them to Kindlustusest by email. In the new approach, customers receive a link to DriveX app, which they can open in a web browser in their smartphone. DriveX app guides them through the process of capturing photos, which are then automatically sent to Kindlustusest. These photos of the vehicle’s state are necessary as insurance companies requests them from Kindlustusest, when there’s an insurance case. 

Kindlustusest does not have any on-site offices, and the entire business is digital. The whole process is completed on the Kindlustusest’s website. The first time DriveX comes into play is when the customer has received the price offer for casco insurance. After that, it is necessary to prove that the vehicle is in a promised condition. 

Kaspar Kõivoste, the Sales Director at Kindlustusest, commented: “Our plan is for DriveX’s solution to be the only way for our customers to send photos. We are convinced that this is a tool that will help us and our clients. The reason is that sending photos by email is tiresome for the customer, and it is difficult for us to track. Emails easily get lost in the inbox, and searching for a specific vehicle photo series afterwards is complicated. DriveX solves this problem for us. All vehicle information is in one place and easy to manage.”

Rauno Sigur, the CEO of DriveX added: “We’re happy to be working with Kindlustusest, one of the leading insurance brokers in the region. This is a testament to our mission – equipping digital-first companies with our vehicle inspection software. Ultimately, brokers achieve higher efficiency in casco sales, lower their risks in fraud and information handling for the insurer. Last but not least, the customer experience will be upgraded thanks to the DriveX self-service.”

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