Automate windshield claims leveraging AI inspections

Increase repair rate up to 4 times by eliminating unnecessary replacements and save up to 2 million per year.

4X increased
repair rate

Up to 2M
saved per year

1000x less
waste generated

So, how can AI increase your windshield repair rate?

Your insurance company will receive precise damage photos and repair suggestions right after the incident. This ensures clarity regarding the condition of the windshield right from the start, allowing you to avoid unnecessary replacements.

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What will you get?

After an inspection has been completed, a vehicle report containing all the necessary information and images is generated.

See the example report (or hit “Download this example PDF” to download it).

We’ll make straight-through processing possible

With DriveX, you can enable straight-through processing in windshield claims, allowing your experts to focus on more value-added activities. Here’s how we do it:

1. Windshield condition documenting
The client takes guided photos of their windshield. Images are automatically uploaded to your system and analysed by our AI.

2. Making a repair or replacement decision
Based on the images, our AI determines whether the windshield is repairable or needs to be replaced.

3. Steering repair jobs to glass repair partners
The windshield job can be easily steered to the best-fitting workshop.

We’ll create vehicle history database for you

Vehicle reports are stored indefinitely by us. We’ll create a vehicle database for you, enabling easy access to all vehicles’ information at any time.

With the DriveX API, you can easily integrate our solution into your core system.

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