Our mission is to eliminate dishonesty and waste

Story of DriveX

The story of how the DriveX team managed to build a viable business, gain the trust of multiple industry giants and change the world of vehicle inspection.

Key features

Innovate what matters

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. ” – Henry Ford

Idea meritocracy

Does not matter who said it – if the idea is excellent, we will execute it as a team. The author’s position in the company is irrelevant.

It's all about execution

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. We have the best service for our customers, flexibility in integration and excellent work ethics all the way.


We take ownership in our company, our services and our daily tasks. We embrace our mistakes and celebrate our wins the the same.

Clear communication

We keep our promises and communicate our expectations to others as clearly as possible.

Resource efficiency

We evaluate critically how the job gets done. Time is a valuable resource, for us and for our clients. Let’s not waste it!

Let's introduce ourselves

Rauno Sigur


Kentti Koppel


Valter Läll


Allan Triik


Frederika Frey

Marketing Lead

Karl-Joan Alesma

Machine Learning Engineer

Our advisors and investors


Plug and Play Ventures

Startup Wise Guys

DEPO Ventures

Taavi Rõivas

Former Prime Minister, AuveTech

Risto Rossar

Insly, ex-IIZI

Mikko Silventola

Bolt's first investor, 50+ tech startup investments

Taavi Tamkivi

Salv, ex-Skype, ex-Wise

Anti Pihtje


Sven Freiberg

Carglass, ex-ERGO

Fund Fellow Funders

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