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Key features

Most easy to use

Most easy to use

Doing vehicle inspection with DriveX is easy, because the whole process is guided and everything is crystal clear.

Remote and fast

For vehicle inspection, only an internet connection and a smartphone are needed. Results are uploaded instantly.

Customizable workflows

Customizable workflows

Rental company can choose which images are required from clients and which validations are checked during inspection.

Manual damage marking

Manual damage marking

Employees can manually add damages to the places where it might not be clear from the picture or might not catch the eye at first.

The process

You are only a few steps away from the most efficient vehicle inspection!

Week 1

Understanding your situation and needs.

Getting acquainted with your company’s unique business traits to learn how you and your colleagues can benefit from using our product.

Week 2-3

Demo and trial.

Doing a live demo of the product (taking into account your company’s specifics). Afterwards you have the opportunity to test out the product yourself.

Week 4-6

Pilot Program.

If you like what you see, we will set up KPIs and launch a pilot program.

Month 3

Commercial agreement.

If the pilot is successful, we’ll start a cooperation so your company can reap the benefits of AI assisted car inspection.

Month 4

Inspect vehicles
more effectively!

How DriveX works

This is how DriveX fits into your rental company’s processes.

Vehicle is inspected before and after rental period. This is necessary to assess vehicle state and mark damages anytime it changes hands.

As all damages are highlighted, rental company employees can easily see which damages are old and which are new.

If nothing happened to the car while in the hands of a client, the cycle can continue. If new damages occured, the compensation needs to be issued.


Price Calculator


The number of contracts your company gives out on a monthly or yearly basis.


Capturing - access to web based app to take AI validated pictures of cars. Manual damage marking - damages on car body are marked on pictures manually by your company employee. Automated damage marking - damages on car body are marked on pictures by our A

With DriveX you save up to 40% of inspection costs

Use our price calculator to find out how much exactly can your rental company save annually with DriveX. If you’d like to know where the numbers come from, do not hesitate to book a demo with us.

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