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DriveX Accelerates Pre-Inspection Automation for BTA Baltic

Manual Processing

When asking about the pre-inspection process before DriveX’s automation, Toms speaks of two distinct periods, Pre & Post COVID. Pre-Covid the “Clients came to our branch network or to our head office, where our specialists went and checked the car, took photos, checked security devices etc. Then they uploaded photos to the computer and then transferred to the core system. It is quite a time-consuming process for the client and our sales people as well.”

Once Covid and the restrictions had come into place, BTA was able to quickly pivot to offer e-channels to help their clients, however by accepting images through services like Whatsapp or Email, there were new issues of photo quality and potential fraud that arose.

Finding a solution

BTA have a ‘hands-on’ approach to solving issues and here they checked existing third party solutions and even outlined how they may do it themselves. Deciding that an external option was the best way forward, they trialled a number of providers before being shown DriveX.

“When we saw the DriveX solution, we already knew that it was exactly what was missing from previous solutions. I think the research beforehand was the reason why we could make the decision so quickly.”

Before jumping ahead, they were eager to ensure the solution was smooth for the end customer and delivered the results to the sales teams. They did this by doing a pilot in Estonia with the sales team using the DriveX online platform to generate links to send to customers. This trial allowed BTA to effectively test the solution without generating additional work for the IT team.

Implementing a Market Standard

Upon passing the trial, the next hurdle was how to connect to allow for BTA’s goal of simplicity through automation. Toms explains;

“The DriveX API was quite simple and understandable to implement. Today our sales people are working only with our core system. That was our goal, to make it as simple as possible. Now the team using our core system can generate links in just two clicks. After they send a link, the client takes the photos and they automatically go to the core system. No need to do anything regarding uploading/downloading.”

With this implementation, BTA have been able to integrate with 100% of their Estonian and Latvian sales team members now using DriveX. The impact has been noticeable in two main aspects. Client Satisfaction and Time Saved.

Removing the need to commute into stores, and offering the guided process ensuring high quality images, has been something Toms and the BTA team have seen to drive positive client engagement and drastically shorten the time needed.

Preparing for the Future

As the Head of Business Innovation, Toms needs to ensure BTA is keeping inline or even a step ahead of fellow insurance companies. He summarises the excitement with the partnership saying that

DriveX is leading what is a market standard and how things are going to be done. If we look at our market, we can see it is already happening. It is happening quite fast and the market is changing quite quickly.

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