Insurance companies


Claim management

Windshield claims


Remote self-service inspection for clients purchasing CASCO.
  • Decrease the amount of fraudulent claims with monitored user inspection sessions
  • Pre-inspection photos with DriveX takes half the time for your clients
  • Guaranteed good quality photos of vehicles

Claim management

Well documented vehicle condition for effective claim management and SMART repairs.


Get a good overview of damages on the vehicle body with AI damage detection and standardised photos.

Fair payouts

Reduce fraudulent payouts on collision claims by creating transparency between insurers and their clients.


Speed up the claim cycle with self-service reporting and automated manual tasks.

Windshield claims

AI repair or replace decisions for windshield claims management.

  • Reduce windshield claim size with AI repair or replace decisions
  • Decrease windshield claim processing cost with remote inspection and automated claims management
  • Decrease CO2 footprint by repairing more windshield instead of replacing them

Windshield claim calculator

Annual total windshield claims

The number of contracts your company gives out on a monthly or yearly basis.

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