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IIZI Makes Insurance Buying Easy: The Best Digital Experience for Clients

To mark the 1 year anniversary of their partnership with DriveX, we spoke with IZII’s Retail Manager - Kaidi Malm, to hear about where they started and how they are scaling growth with the help of DriveX’s technology.

IIZI Insurance Brokers(IIZI) is the largest insurance intermediary in the Baltic states, serving over 300,000 channel clients. Unlike single larger providers, IIZI have developed a network of partnerships with companies and offer a range of non-life insurance products to businesses throughout the Baltics. Through their innovations, IIZI have led the way in e-insurance sales in Europe and specialise in making high volume faster and simpler for users. 

Getting Started

We asked Kaidi to help us understand what IIZI does for its clients;

“What we do overall: we sell insurance policies and our job is to take photos of the vehicle before selling policies. If there is a claim, vehicle images are requested from us and we send these to the claims handler, who reviews the images. We take these photos precisely for the case when there is a claim so both insurance provider and client can be sure of the state of the vehicle (for example, that damaged vehicle wasn’t damaged before the incident).”

Acting on behalf of their partners, IIZI is a trusted service that assists in the pre-verification of insurance policies and makes sure there is information needed in case of claims. In the beginning, this verification was only possible for clients that could come and see one of the team who would take the pictures. With the expansion of their business however in-person verifications were no longer enough to keep up with demand. They developed a custom manual that carefully walked their users through the image taking process, and instructed them to send the images directly. Whilst a step forward, they found that this process wasn’t without its issues.

“It often happens that some part of the vehicle is not in the frame, the photo is taken from too close or too far. Main issue is that image files are huge and might not come through via email. Another issue is that clients might forget to add some of the photos. The tendency is that if clients send photos themselves, there is something wrong with them.”

Bad quality images, wrong sizes and back and forth via emails with customers were all part of the daily activities Kaidi’s team were dealing with. This time wasted on basic administrative tasks, was a key issue Kaidi was looking to solve.

Embracing Big Changes

New processes and solutions can be a big disruptor to any business. Adding on top volumes of 35,000 policies per month, IIZI is a large business and this can make change difficult to overcome. Kaidi however explains how quickly they adopted DriveX, “Our first thoughts were that your product is easy, fast and accurate. I instantly wanted us to use it. Then and there we made a decision to try it out. We have come from trying to using this service daily”. Since this adoption, For all sessions in which vehicle images were needed, over 80% used DriveX. This shift has additionally seen a noticeable decrease in in-person appointments at the local offices. In one example, Kaidi mentioned that their Tartu office saw a drop from 5 appointments per week to just 1 each week. Even for these in-person visits, the staff have opted to use DriveX to easily and quickly take pictures with the automated format being a big benefit afterwards.

Hearing that even their own team use the service was a great sign that the team themselves were quick to embrace the changes.

Kaidi went on to explain what made her and the team quickly trust DriveX, The fact that we can always be 100% sure of your system. We can be sure that pictures are fresh with no old pictures uploaded, and they are in the right size and it is easy to review them.”

It’s this certainty that has allowed Kaidi and her team to decrease the amount of administrative work, in-person vehicle checks and increase the speed of receiving policies for clients.

What’s Next for IIZI?

As leaders in the e-insurance space, the digital environment has always been a focus for IIZI. Since adopting DriveX, clients have been receiving personalised links via SMS with their manual guidebook and in-person checks still available but significantly less now. 

Part of this strategy of growth is also increasing their partnership network. Kaidi shared with us some of her team’s key points explaining how they can benefit from using DriveX;

  1. Simplicity – the guided system tells clients exactly how to take the photos and you don’t need to waste any brain power yourself.
  2. Accuracy – with DriveX there is no question whether the photos are fresh or not. You can be 100% sure of the location and time of the picture.
  3. Speed – taking photos takes only a minute. No need to drive anywhere nor wait for anyone.
  4. Clients can take the photos at the time most convenient for them.
  5. No problem with sending the photos – photos arrive to us automatically. No need to worry if file sizes are too large nor if some photos were forgotten.
  6. Review time – the structured reports are easier to review and removes the extra steps of manually taken photos being checked

DriveX continues to thrive to offer fast, simple and ready-to-use solutions for vehicle verifications and image capture. IIZI is a great example of how established brands can adapt and improve their existing service and grow their market-share by including new technologies built with their end-users in mind. Reach out to the team to see how DriveX can decrease administrative costs and increase conversion for you and your clients.

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