February 1, 2022

Introducing SmartScan by DriveX

The DriveX solution includes a simple and easy to use process that will help your users successfully complete the process without additional help. SmartScan is a guided web application accessible without any downloads required, and supports iOS and Android devices. Created in February 2020, SmartScan was designed initially for vehicle insurance company policy processes, however since then has grown to offer a wide range of use cases.

Once completed, SmartScan automatically creates a vehicle safety (“Know Your Vehicle”) report, which is delivered directly to your team to review using our clear Green, Yellow & Red warning system.


DriveX makes vehicle verification simpler and eliminates manual administrative tasks with an AI powered solution.

The SmartScan Process

Our 4-step process shows just how easy it is when using DriveX.

1. Prepare your vehicle

To make sure the device can see the full vehicle without distortion, we recommend finding a spot with 4-5m of space around the vehicle.

2. Open SmartScan via your browser

Personal links are sent directly to users via SMS or email. For the best experience, we recommend Safari for iOS and Chrome on Android.

3. Take the pictures

Click to start and then simply follow the guided process and snap your photos as you walk around your vehicle.

SmartScan Workflow

4. Submit & Rate
Once submitted users have the opportunity to rate the experience and leave any feedback. During this time, the safety report is being generated and delivered directly to the team to review and approve.

The whole process is that easy. Feel free to contact the team to hear more about integrating DriveX and start offering a high quality digital solution your customers will love and saves you money.


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