January 26, 2023

Streamlining Car Inspection In Insurance: A Look at How DriveX Simplifies the Inspection Process for End Users

When do end users (not insurance workers, but people buying insurance) use DriveX?

A car inspection happens multiple times through the lifecycle with each owner. Whether that is a safety check ahead of a new purchase, a regular check up or a new insurance policy, the car needs to be reviewed. Inspection for a new insurance policy typically includes a review of the vehicle’s make, model, and condition, as well as a check of its safety features and any aftermarket modifications. The purpose of the car inspection is to assess the risk of insuring the vehicle and to set an appropriate premium. Some insurance companies may require an inspection before issuing a policy, while others may allow the policyholder to self-inspect their vehicle. This may mean sifting through bad angles or confusing instructions to take the correct photos to upload. Now a digital guided solution compiles the perfect report without having to leave your driveway!


How do end users use DriveX?

There are several common mistakes that people make when taking pictures of a car for the purpose of selling or insuring it. Some of these include:

  1. Not cleaning the car: A dirty or cluttered car can make it difficult for potential buyers or insurance adjusters to get a clear view of the vehicle’s condition.
  2. Not taking pictures from different angles: It’s important to take pictures from different angles to show the entire car and highlight any unique features or damages.
  3. Using a poor camera or poor lighting: Poor quality pictures can make it hard to see details and can give the impression that the car is in worse condition than it actually is.
  4. Not showing the car’s VIN or license plate: The car’s VIN or license plate number is important for identification purposes and should be included in the pictures.
  5. Not showing any damages clearly: If there are any damages on the car, they should be clearly shown in the pictures and should be highlighted, so that the buyer/insurance adjuster is aware of it.
  6. Not showing the mileage: The mileage is an important factor when it comes to evaluating a car’s condition and value, so it should be clearly shown in the pictures or provided in the listing.

DriveX is providing an alternative to these options with vehicle visual assessment. Or in simpler words, you can take photos of your car with your smartphone with a web app that understands if the pictures are taken correctly. You don’t have to download any app. Your insurance provider will send you a DriveX link and you will open it on your smartphone browser. The camera app opens automatically and you are guided through the picture taking process. This process takes only a few minutes. After you have completed the picture taking process, pictures are automatically sent to your insurance provider. Based on these pictures, your insurer will create a policy for you. 


Why is using DriveX better for them than the old process?

DriveX saves you time on car inspection. It walks you through a fully guided process that ensures perfect photos from the very first time. The report then is automatically compiled and sent immediately to the insurance provider. All from wherever you (and your car) are. No more unnecessary driving, no back and forth emails and no more wasted time with difficult instructions.


If you’d like to know more in detail, how exactly is AI being used in insurance (a little more technical talk), then head over to our blog post “AI & the Insurance Sector”.


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