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Seesam Insurance Chooses DriveX to Boost Internal Productivity

Seesam Estonia, part of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), is an insurance brand established in 1991 that offers a variety of options for individuals such as motor, personal, travel and home services and a wide range of business specific insurance services. We met with Taavi Ottoson, Seesam's Product Manager (Vehicle and Machine Insurance) to hear about his journey to selecting DriveX as their pre-inspection image capture solution.

Bad Pictures

Before implementing DriveX, we asked what the regular pain points were and asked what the process looked like for customers. Taavi explained how they had a variety of in-person, through partners or self-serve options for their clients. The latter option is guided via a PDF of instructions which “a person will read it once, then close it and then take pictures. This results in some pictures being forgotten, pictures are blurry or the car is not completely in the picture.” The goal of selecting DriveX was to add a guided process for customers purchasing via their e-channel through the self-serve model.

Solving the Problem

2020 was a momentous year for Seesam with a merger with fellow VIG company Compensa. While the problem was known across the business, Taavi speaks to how without being offered the solution, they would be stuck with the old processes.

“When merging with Compensa there were a hundred more things to take care of. That’s why DriveX came at exactly the right moment. Building this kind of service ourselves would potentially be possible, but we have no idea where to find that kind of resource. If DriveX wouldn’t have come knocking on our door, we would be doing things the old way still.” Additionally, seeing how many providers are already using the solution, Taavi comments that “If clients come to us and see that vehicle pre-inspection photos are required, they will be familiar with DriveX already. If everyone else is using DriveX, we can’t simply use anything else.”

There are however more criteria than just contacting at the right time, Seesam and VIG have a clear vision that any solution must meet.

“It is very important to the insurance company to offer safety and trust. It is important that policy purchasing is as easy as possible. We want it to be so easy that clients could do it on the go and you wouldn’t need to change your plans for the day. The more transparent and easier the pre-inspection, the better.“

Selecting a partner required Seesam to see how the solution matched these needs by collecting high quality images and storing these automatically, was user friendly  and how there was support and backing with experience driving the team. Once satisfied, the role out began for the e-channel team to begin using the solution.


DriveX is being used to automate the self-serve ‘Casco’ insurance policies, clients have been receiving SMS messages with their personalised links. This has saved time for the e-commerce manager and team to not need to manually edit and manage any images submitted by the clients. As a more recent solution utilising technology, we wanted to find out how both their clients and the internal teams have found the solution. Taavi reports that, “What we found out was that DriveX might be a struggle for older people. Younger folks quickly understood how to use DriveX. Overall the feedback was positive and it seems that clients are happy. Internally, the IT department gave a lot of credit to DriveX, with the support and implementation.” 

What’s next?

With a firm pre-inspection framework now ready within their e-channel team, the next stages would be to roll this out to their retail channel offering a digitally guided solution for many customers. Taavi and the Seesam team see great potential adding the DriveX solution to other growing areas of their business to help decrease manual work.

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