DriveX Technologies – AI-Powered Car Inspection With Damage Detection

DriveX Technologies is an Estonian based tech company that was founded in 2020 by Rauno Sigur (CEO), Kentti Koppel (CTO) and Valter Läll (CPO).DriveX offers the most comprehensive, intuitive and flexible vehicle inspection solution on the market. The AI-powered self-serviced process helps users take high-quality photos of their cars. Their software also detects damages on […]

SIXT Baltics Franchise Uses New Vehicle Inspection Tool

Employees can mark damages to places that may not be apparent at first. The photo-taking process is checked by AI, ensuring all photos are of good quality and taken from the right angles. SIXT’s franchise partner in the Baltic nations has adopted DriveX car inspection as a new tool for their employees. Transporent Ltd., the […]

DriveX and Belron Group’s franchise innovate windshield claims with AI inspection

The vehicle inspection company DriveX is excited to announce its newest client, Carglass® Estonia, represented by Windrox – a franchise of the global vehicle glass repair and replacement group Belron. In collaboration, the companies are reinventing windshield claims management, saving significant costs in claim sizes, processing cost and environmental waste. DriveX has been at the […]

DriveX und Franchise der Belron Group nutzen KI-Inspektion für innovative Regulierung von Fahrzeugglasschäden

Das Fahrzeuginspektionsunternehmen DriveX präsentiert seinen neuesten Kunden, Carglass Estland, vertreten durch Windrox – ein Franchise der weltweit im Bereich der Reparatur und des Austauschs von Fahrzeugscheiben tätigen Belron Group. Gemeinsam erfinden die Unternehmen die Regulierung von Fahrzeugglasschäden gerade neu, wodurch sich enorme Einsparungen bei der Schadenshöhe, den Regulierungskosten und der Entsorgung ergeben. DriveX ist Vorreiter […]

Estonian tech company DriveX and German EV platform Cardino partner to sell used electric vehicle in 24 hours

Estonian technology company DriveX has partnered with German electric vehicle selling platform Cardino. DriveX’s AI-powered vehicle inspection is implemented into Cardino’s consumer-to-business vehicle sourcing platform. Used EV sellers can easily capture their car’s condition in a way that buyers can trust right away. Ultimately, DriveX helps Cardino to speed up the car listing and sales process, making […]

DriveX is making a fully digital vehicle registration system in Estonia possible

Estonian start-up DriveX’s AI-powered car inspection with damage detection platform is enabling digital registration for vehicles first time registered in Estonia. The process usually requires a trip to the Estonian Transport Administration but now vehicle’s imagery can be uploaded with DriveX. Apparently this makes Estonia the first country to have a fully digital vehicle registration […]

Estonia to launch world’s first fully digital vehicle registration system

Estonia becomes the first country to create a fully digital vehicle registration service with the help of tech company DriveX “Transport Administration has a great opportunity to create Europe’s first fully digital registration system in cooperation with DriveX, considerably simplifying the first registration of Estonian citizens’ and companies’ vehicles,” Joel Jesse, the Director of Mobility […]

CEE startups of the month – AI

In the articles from previous months we brought you closer to CEE startups from Hardware, Healthcare and Blockchain industries, so now it’s time for discovering the Artificial Intelligence sector. AI solutions used in various verticals significantly streamline their operational processes and accelerate the pace of development.  Here are some handpicked AI startups from CEE worth checking out – let’s take […]

DriveX partners with Estonia’s leading insurance broker IIZI

The AI-assisted vehicle verification solution developed by the Estonian technology company DriveX has been implemented by the largest insurance brokerage company in the Baltics – IIZI, which belongs to the GrECo Group. With DriveX, vehicles can be photographed and automatically verified, saving customers’ and employees’ time and money. “We are pleased to cooperate with the […]

Startup shake up: Dispelling the myth of David vs. Goliath

For many industries, the last 20 years have been a period of intense change and transformation as they have had to adapt to the digital age. For many large, incumbent businesses in these industries, innovation has taken the form of working closely with the startup community – small, agile businesses harnessing the possibilities of new […]

BTA launches AI-based service in the Baltic States

BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (BTA) in cooperation with an Estonian start-up DriveX starts to offer an innovative, artificial intelligence based solution to its customers in the Baltic States, which will allow the customers to record their vehicle’s condition during the insurance policy procurement process faster, in a more comfortable and safer way. This solution […]

Estonian insurtech DriveX raised more than 200 000€ from customers and investors

A technology that makes selling vehicle insurance policies and solving claims more effective has been funded by angel investors from Estonian unicorns and a customer. DriveX’s image capturing uses computer vision to inspect vehicles. Automating vehicle verification processes makes selling vehicle insurance policies and solving claims after damages faster and more convenient. The company, established […]

How Estonian startup DriveX digitizes motor insurance claims

Estonian InsurTech startup DriveX has signed cooperation agreements with three insurance giants of the region, enjoying a privilege to choose smart investors only and starts expanding into foreign markets. After completing the Porsche Open Innovation Hackathon in May 2019, somebody reversed into Rauno’s car in a parking lot. He experienced first-hand how archaic and frustrating it was […]

6 out of 10 customers would change their insurer to have a more digital experience

6 out of 10 clients would change their insurance company to have a more digital experience. The 73% would opt for an insurer that uses AI to process claims faster. These are the main conclusions of the international survey conducted by Solera among more than 1,500 consumers and 500 insurers. The survey reveals how important it is for insurers, workshops, and distribution […]

Insurtech story: how DriveX helps insurers with AI-assisted vehicle verification

Website Service description vehicle self-inspection and instant information sharing with insurance and mobility companies Problems to be solved inefficient policy issuing and claims handlingpoor risk management caused by lack of dataclumsy user experience Customers ERGO Insurance,Gjensidige,Carglass,and 5+ more to be announced The product is best suited for insurers to speed up casco sales and […]

DriveX partnered with Gjensidige insurance

Estonian insurtech DriveX partnered up with Gjensidige, a market leader in the Nordic and Baltic markets. The innovative vehicle verification application will be used first in Estonia to the improve motor insurance sales process and customer journey. DriveX offers digital and automated vehicle verification software which allows people to send a review of their vehicle […]

DriveX Technologies, an insurtech company founded by TalTech alumni, raised more than 200 000€ from customers and investors

A technology that makes selling vehicle insurance policies and solving claims more effective has been funded by angel investors from Estonian unicorns and a customer. DriveX, an insurtech who is developing AI-assisted vehicle verification software has raised more than 200 000 euros to digitize insurance processes. A technology that makes selling vehicle insurance policies and solving […]

Putting the brakes on fraudulent claims

Estonian startup DriveX could save car insurance companies billions.

Insurance may not be the most glamorous of industries, but it can be lucrative, especially for those able to offer novel solutions to long-standing issues.

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