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Cardino: Driving Digital Revolution in the EV Market with DriveX

Cardino is a Berlin-based EV marketplace startup founded in 2022. Founders Lukasz Pajak and Henrik Sachs met at McKinsey and developed an idea to revolutionise and digitalise the used electric car market. They developed a platform that allows EV sellers to auction their cars to dealerships. 

They came out of stealth mode in the second half of 2023 and already have a network of over a 100 dealers ready to buy EVs and there have been over 2000 cars sold through their platform already. Cardino’s goal is to make selling electric cars easy and digitise the whole process.

The digitisation part was a challenge for Cardino as both buyers and sellers are used to an old, completely offline process. The old process meant that a seller had a face-to-face meeting in a dealership to sell their car. DriveX assisted Cardino in digitising this process, enabling digital car inspection for sellers, which results the buyers could trust. This means that EV sellers are no longer required to go to a physical inspection and instead, they can effortlessly take photos of essential car parts and damages using their smartphones.

Cardino's Team
Cardino’s Team

Cardino has created a transparent and smooth process for selling and buying EVs that connects sellers and dealers. To illustrate how DriveX fits into this process, here are the 4 steps of EV-selling with Cardino:

  1. Car is evaluated on Cardino’s website. Seller fills the form about all the necessary info about the EV: brand, model, year, and added features. This takes about 2-3 minutes.
  2. Photos of the car are uploaded with DriveX. Seller receives a DriveX link on their smartphone to take guided photos of their car. This is it on the seller’s side, the entire process so far takes less than 10 minutes.
  3. EV goes up for an auction. The next step is for Cardino to upload the car for the live auction to dealers in Denmark and Finland, where they can bid on a high variety of cars. The competitive nature of the auction allows the seller to get the best price for their car! 
  4. The car is sold and delivered to the dealers. Seller receives an offer and if they accept it, they get the money for their car in 3 days. Next, Cardino picks up the car, takes care of the documents, and delivers them to the dealer. The car is sold, fully online and with minimum effort on the seller side!
Cardino’s Website

Cardino uses the photos taken with DriveX as a part of their listing. Dealers can browse through different cars and place bids. They will look at the photos of the cars and marked damages in order to estimate the right price. Cardino’s Head of Product, Tosan Teetzmann added: “A big advantage is that through DriveX AI detection we save a lot of time for our customer support agents, as all pictures are in the right quality and taken from the right angle.”

Cardino also considered building their own tool for taking photos of cars, but as a trading company, they wouldn’t have had enough resources to build a working solution. DriveX allowed them to focus on their core business instead.

Tosan commented: “DriveX is the smartest, fastest and simplest solution available on the market. It was the easiest to integrate to our customer journey.”

DriveX has been a part of Cardino’s workflow since the very beginning. Tosan commented on the integration process: “As we had to integrate the DriveX API into our system, I was immediately impressed by the comprehensive documentation that was provided. It was clear, well-structured, and covered a broad range of use cases, which significantly streamlined the integration process for our team. What stands out to me, in particular, is how the documentation is not just a static resource but gets regularly updated in line with the software’s new features and improvements. This ongoing commitment to clarity and utility has been a huge time saver.”

Cardino has collected feedback from their customers and it has been quite positive, as they perceive DriveX’s software as trustworthy and easy to use. Cardino’s customers value its user-friendly and smooth experience, with DriveX integration playing an essential role in that. Tosan added: “Value of DriveX for Cardino is most importantly allowing the customers to sell their car online, without having to visit a physical point of sale, at the comfort of the surroundings of their home and whenever they feel like it. In addition the value is in providing a fully digital process, speeding up the sales cycle and revolutionising the process of buying used EVs. DriveX’s solution is a game changer for companies like Cardino.”

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