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How DriveX Supports Salva Insurance in their Customer-Centric Approach

Operating for more than 25 years, Salva Kindlustuse AS, is an Estonian insurance company offering a wide range of non-life insurance products. Focused on private and business clients, Salva offers their service either in-person or through their “state-of-the-art e-channel” depending on the customer's preference. With already more than €22 million in gross premiums in 2018, the team continues to integrate new solutions to improve their customer experience.

Tõnis Tohver, Salva’s Head of Motor Insurance Department, sat down with DriveX to reveal more about the impact the integration had on the business and some of the hurdles during the consideration process.

A key differentiator in Salva’s solution is their customer centric approach. So before considering any new integration, firstly they ask one thing. Does this improve customer convenience?

Tõnis describes how it’s “Not pleasant for the client to put in the time and effort to take pictures and later find out that the pictures are not valid and need to be taken again.”

This experience he has seen, all too frequently, with self-service claims then uploaded to their online portal. With customer convenience being a top priority, Salva wanted to offer these self-service claims at the same high-quality user experience as they would offer in-person at an office.

Knowing their customers aren’t always the most technically savvy, having a guided, clear process and the web-based process is a must. This helps to ensure that photos aren’t mistaken or blurry, all the needed information is collected and the user gets to submit without delay or constant requests for more work. By streamlining the customer input, Salva can simultaneously reduce the workload on their team, decreasing additional checks and allowing for confidence in the images being submitted.

Being fully aware of customer pain points, Tõnis openly speaks to the need to confirm the quality, benefit and availability of the solution before considering integration.

“We wouldn’t want to find ourselves in a situation where our partner is not able to deliver. Salva usually communicates actively with new solution providers. Unfortunately, the majority of them are “one day butterflies” who think they have found something extraordinary but will be gone the day after tomorrow.”

This careful approach is nicely balanced with a technical readiness to worthy partners. A likely recipe for their recent success during the recent uncertainties. 

Anton Khmelnitsky ja Tõnis Tohver
DriveX Head of Marketing, Anton Khmelnitsky on the left and Salva Head of Motor Insurance Department, Tõnis Tohver on the right

Once DriveX had been approved and they began the API integration, their team members were able to directly generate customer-facing personalised links. This step-by-step inclusion gave team members the ability to learn the new system and improve the overall customer experience without slowing down the current processes with multiple new procedures.

Tõnis describes how the department’s initial impression was positive and there was a noticeable increase in the insurance process for those clients using it. Internally, employees overall have seen a decrease in repetitive tasks (such as uploading images).

Being so customer focused, Tõnis also explains that; “We highly appreciate the fact that our partner is only a phone call away and ready to help us at any given moment.”

By combining a clear and guided process with an online plug & play solution, Salva has been able to increase the quality of their customer submissions and decrease the workload on their team. With simple integration, they can now offer high-quality service directly to customers wherever they may be.

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