January 8, 2024

DriveX and Belron Group’s franchise innovate windshield claims with AI inspection

The vehicle inspection company DriveX is excited to announce its newest client, Carglass® Estonia, represented by Windrox – a franchise of the global vehicle glass repair and replacement group Belron. In collaboration, the companies are reinventing windshield claims management, saving significant costs in claim sizes, processing cost and environmental waste.

DriveX has been at the forefront of vehicle inspection solutions, providing transparency and trustworthiness in assessing vehicle conditions. DriveX’s AI-powered inspection, specialising in SMART repairs, helps Carglass ®  reduce physical and digital waste, plan repair tasks more efficiently, and order replacement components in advance. By enabling AI inspections in Carglass’ windshield claims direct handling, insurers decrease their claim sizes, prevent fraud, and have more efficient communication with Carglass ® . As a result, customer experience is boosted – accelerating accident recovery.

Rauno, the CEO of DriveX comments:   “We are thrilled to announce this cooperation with Carglass ® Estonia. Deploying our AI inspection to windshield repair or replace decisions is an exciting step forward, since this marks the entry point for our insurance claims business. We know that up to 36% of glass damages can be repaired, however the market is lagging behind in its practice. Thus, the market potential is huge.

With DriveX, Carglass ®  Estonia has a complete solution for technicians, customer support units and of course, self-service. We automate 80% of their self-service windshield claims reporting, as AI detection identifies windshield damages and suggests whether to repair or replace. Additionally, Carglass can easily share windshield damage reports with insurance companies for approval or initiate automated and direct claim handling.

Windrox provides us with invaluable insight into the world of glass repairs and we’re also leveraging our solutions on behalf of the insurers. We’re excited to witness how fast our first implementations will benefit the incumbents and naturally, we believe DriveX is in the best position to be a winning solution across all specialised workshops in the Belron Corporation.”

General Manager of Windrox, Sven Freiberg comments: “With this partnership, we will strengthen our position as a market leader by increasing the repair rates on the motor insurance market. Internally, we will save hundreds of hours of manual work per year and can plan our repair tasks more efficiently. Estonia is a great sandbox to rapidly prove how technologies and processes can be upgraded, but DriveX software definitely has the potential for broader global implementation.”

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