April 10, 2023

DriveX is making a fully digital vehicle registration system in Estonia possible

Estonian start-up DriveX’s AI-powered car inspection with damage detection platform is enabling digital registration for vehicles first time registered in Estonia. The process usually requires a trip to the Estonian Transport Administration but now vehicle’s imagery can be uploaded with DriveX.

Apparently this makes Estonia the first country to have a fully digital vehicle registration system.

“The Estonian Transport Administration has a great opportunity to create, together with DriveX, the first digital registration system in Europe, which will simplify the first-time registration of vehicles for Estonian residents and businesses. It is good to create an innovative system that will definitely save customers time and make transactions faster and more efficient because customers no longer need to physically go to a service office with their vehicle,” said Joel Jesse, Director of the Mobility Management Service at the Estonian Transport Administration.

The service will be available in mid-2023.

“Around 116,000 vehicles are registered in Estonia each year and around 32 million in Europe. Therefore, the market potential is enormous, and the need for a digital vehicle registration solution is ever-increasing. By introducing our imaging technology to the Estonian Transport Administration, we are once again taking a significant step forward in the development of the e-state and making the vehicle registration process many times more efficient,” says Rauno Sigur, CEO of DriveX.

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