May 11, 2021

DriveX partners with Estonia’s leading insurance broker IIZI

Rauno Sigur and Igor Fedotov
Rauno Sigur, CEO of DriveX Technologies on the left and Igor Fedotov, CEO of IIZI Insurance Broker on the right

The AI-assisted vehicle verification solution developed by the Estonian technology company DriveX has been implemented by the largest insurance brokerage company in the Baltics – IIZI, which belongs to the GrECo Group. With DriveX, vehicles can be photographed and automatically verified, saving customers’ and employees’ time and money.

We are pleased to cooperate with the leading insurance brokerage company in the Baltics whose impressive sales volumes of comprehensive policies required more efficient processes. Earlier, the insurer was sent instructions on how to take a picture of the vehicle and the sales employee checked the pictures. From now on, the customer is assisted by an web app that gives the user instructions and feedback through computer vision on whether the images are suitable. The images are no longer checked by an employee, but by DriveX Core — an AI that automates the process. All in all, the customer wins, because the purchase process of the comprehensive policy is faster and you can start driving without any worries, “commented Rauno Sigur, co-founder and CEO of DriveX.

Satisfied customers are the cornerstone of every company, which is why the main thing for IIZI is to provide quality service, and we also highly value customer feedback to improve services,” said Igor Fedotov, CEO of IIZI Insurance Broker. He added that customers increasingly appreciate the content of insurance and the convenience of the service provided. The company constantly invests in innovation, which is why it differs significantly from other insurance service providers in the market.

We are still considered a start-up because innovation is a normal part of our culture,” says Fedotov. Over the last six months, IIZI has come up with various unique solutions. The CEO of IIZI adds that it is not reasonable to make all the solutions in-house, which is why it is important to cooperate with experts in their field, such as DriveX, who provide a convenient service to improve customer experience.

DriveX Technologies is a technology company founded in 2019 by Rauno Sigur, Kentti Koppel and Valter Läll. The company, which raised money from well-known business angels at the end of 2020, already cooperates with several leading insurance companies, including ERGO, BTA and Gjensidige.

IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS is the leading insurance brokerage company in Estonia. More than 150,000 private customers and nearly 25,000 business customers are served annually. Since 2018, IIZI Kindlustusmaakler has been a company of AS GrECo Group. IIZI Group AS employs over 150 people.

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