February 4, 2022

How a Digital Pre-Inspection Tool Can Be the Key to Millions in Growth

Customers across the world are going digital. With the new battleground for company growth being customer convenience and user experience, a 2022 report by Accenture shares that even “a single point increase in customer experience scores can results in millions of dollars in annual growth.” That is exactly what pre-inspection tool can do for insurance companies.

But what does ‘customer experience’ mean to vehicle inspection? 

Digital tools, going back to the revolution that was e-mail, offer customers the ability to connect and interact with your service at their own convenience, wherever they want. In many industries however, they still heavily rely on physical interactions which can prevent growth and can leave businesses at risk of being left behind by natively digital users and new competitors.

The Importance of Pre-Inspection

It is understandable how insurance companies have been slow to fully adopt a digital solution with vehicles being a physical product that require skilled labourers to ensure the vehicle is safe to use.

Pre-inspection is a very important step in this process that firstly confirm that the vehicle being insured does exist, and to observe and record the condition of the vehicle to prevent the policyholder from making a claim for any pre-existing damages. Currently this process is mostly done in the following two ways; 

  • Users drive to the insurance provider’s office and the salesperson photographs the vehicle or, 
  • A salesperson sends a manual to the client on how to take the pictures of the vehicle. Then the client, following the manual, takes pictures of the vehicle and emails them to the salesperson.

Both these processes end in a manual uploading of images, excess time spent waiting at the office or going back and forth over missing or bad quality images

Digital Tools for Growth

By partnering with an AI-powered digital solution, insurance companies can offer users a personalized guided experience to their users immediately and at their convenience. This allows companies to scale rapidly to more users across their regions with automated vehicle reports sent directly to staff members helping to prevent fraud and convert users faster than ever.

With digitally native users aware of what technology can offer, combined with your competitor being just one click away, digital pre-inspection tool is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and convert more customers faster.

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