December 16, 2021

What is DriveX and How Does It Help Insurance Companies?

DriveX may not be a household name (yet!) but our solution is something you and your customers have been crying out for. A guided image capture solution may not have been your first thought but below we’ll show how insurance companies and their customers are thriving after implementing DriveX.

What is DriveX

We are an AI-powered image capture solution for vehicle verification during the pre-inspection phase. In layman’s terms, we guide your customers to take perfect, high quality and relevant images of their car and automatically send these to you. With our solution, your company can simultaneously reduce risk of fraud, decrease staff administrative work and increase customer success without countless emails back and forth.

“Compared to the old processes, doing vehicle pre-inspections with DriveX takes half the time. This saved time can be used for other clients, which means more contracts being signed.” – Mikko Pilt, ERGO

How does DriveX help

Designed for insurance companies, the DriveX solution perfectly joins the security needs of the industry, with the digital needs of the customer in a seamless way. Through the use of AI, DriveX simultaneously increases genuine user conversion, decreasing cases of fraud and streamlines employee time and resources. For customers, they can now receive an industry leading experience for vehicle insurance without the need for face-to-face contact, from the comfort of their own home.

“It is very important to the insurance company to offer safety and trust. It is important that policy purchasing is as easy as possible. We want it to be so easy that clients could do it on the go and you wouldn’t need to change your plans for the day. The more transparent and easier the pre-inspection, the better.“ – Taavi Ottoson, Seesam

What are the use cases

Whilst focused on improving the vehicle pre-inspection process, DriveX has numerous applications that can work alongside existing manual/in-person solutions or can become the main solution to automate manual and administrative tasks. Insurance companies such as BTA, Seesam, ERGO, Gjensidige and Salva have all integrated in different ways to help improve their existing services.

“DriveX is leading what is a market standard and how things are going to be done. If we look at our market, we can see it is already happening. It is happening quite fast and the market is changing quite quickly.” – Toms Strēlis, BTA

You can find out more about how these industry leaders have implemented DriveX within their E-Store or as a replacement to in-person inspections. Click on the link below to see more about the problem these companies faced, how they came to choose DriveX and the outcome of their decision.

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