Repair or Replace a Car Part: What’s the Right Call?

Your car is broken. Where should you repair it? Instead of repairing, should you replace the broken parts? Should you just replace the whole car? Making conscious choices about car part repair and replacement can have a positive impact on our planet and our wallets. People will often believe that when they replace a part […]

What is ESG Score and Why Your Insurance Company Should Care?

What is the ESG score? According to PwC research, 76% of consumers say they will stop buying from companies that treat the environment in which they operate in poorly and according to Cone Communications research, 88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues. This means that companies […]

5 Challenges Faced by the Car Market in Upcoming Years

Car market is changing due to advancements in technology, changes in consumer behaviour and shifting regulations. Car market is expected to become more autonomous, connected and sustainable. In this blog post we cover a few most important challenges in the car market in upcoming years.  1. Controversies of Electric Vehicles That’s a classic one. Many […]

Used Car Market Insight

We read multiple used car market predictions for 2023, so you wouldn’t have to. You might have heard how used car prices or car prices overall are skyrocketing. But what goes up, must come down. We explain to you how exactly the prices went that high and if and how much they’re about to decrease […]

Top 5 Things to Check About Your Rental Car (Checklist)

There are quite a lot of things that should be checked before driving off with your rental car. While travelling there are a million other things to pay attention to and checking the state of your rental car might not be on the top of that list. To make your life easier, we put together […]

How DriveX Is Bringing Remote Used Car Inspection to the Market

Buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions in most people’s lives. Unfortunately the buyers can find themselves in a position where despite the sellers’ tempting talk and polished ads there are some serious shortages in vehicles’ condition. DriveX cooperated with car inspection service provider Automaakler. Together, we are bringing remote used car […]

The Story of DriveX

Here’s a short overview of how DriveX got started and where are we at today.

How AI Is Changing the Car Rental Industry

Flexibility and independence is a key driving force behind many decisions we make as consumers. We regularly choose the option that offers us the most opportunity and personal transport is an industry we see this very clearly. The increasing popularity of micro-mobility and on-demand car rental vehicles around cities have grown from the convenience they […]

Reviewing the Changes to the New & Used Car Market

With the transition away from lockdowns and restrictions, the impact of so much sudden change is still making waves in settled industries across the world. Whether it is the change in consumer behaviour, reduction of manufacturing or the demands in shipping, the car industry is at the forefront of changing to a way it has […]

The Changing Landscape of the Car Rental Industry

It’s been a rocky few years for the car rental industry. The sudden stop in travellers mixed with increasing costs have forced many of these businesses to re-evaluate their offering and look to new solutions as a way to maintain or even grow their market share. Getting to Know the Industry For those new to […]

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Car

How DriveX offers guided vehicle verification to add simplicity and authority to the car market Your 2018 Toyota Corolla has been a great car. You’ve treated it well and it’s still running as good as the day you got it (minus that strange squeak no one can find). But it’s time for a new car, […]

Changing the Used Car Market using AI

How DriveX assists Buyers & Sellers of used cars do business safely The used car market is estimated at almost double that of the new car market, and is increasing. Material shortages, shipping delays and the overall cost of goods, things are expensive when buying brand new. There is also the environmental impact. In our […]

Top 8 Vehicle Inspection Solutions

Across the world, users have been battling with vehicle inspections. The process is inherently slow, manual and time consuming. From appointments to waiting rooms, it is simply an annoyance. This is exactly why entrepreneurs have been developing digital solutions to improve the industry. Thus creating a digital revolution. This change is driven (pun intended) forward […]

Preventing Car Rental Fraud Using DriveX

Imagine stepping off an overnight long haul flight where you’ve barely slept. You find the local car rental and are focused on just getting to your hotel to relax. The attendant hands you a huge form filled with countless steps and checks you should take and filled with long legal text hidden within is your […]

New Vs Old Car – Which Kind of Car Is Better for the Environment?

Modern consumers are looking for newer and better ways to reduce their carbon footprint. From recycling bottles and cans, to repurposing household materials, with our choices we are able to make positive changes in our lives. For many, their vehicle is a key part of their life. It’s their way to escape the city on […]

Vehicle Insurance History

Mandatory vehicle insurance may seem like an obvious need in society, but at the beginning of car usage it wasn’t always required. The history of insuring vehicles begins in 1897 when Gilbert J. Loomis became the first recorded person to purchase insurance for covering any damage, injury or death caused by his car. From that […]

AI & the Insurance Sector

How this technology is biggest innovation and opportunity for insurers this decade The hyper growth of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has not been restricted to tech startups and robotics. The potential impact of AI and machine learning (ML) is fast entering all verticals. Even those more traditional ones. Research giant, McKinsey, published in 2021 a […]

How Car Rentals & Technology Are Interlinked

Ever since Ford’s Model-T, there has been the opportunity to rent a car. A Nebraskan by the name of Joe Saunders is credited in 1916 to being the first to rent his car, with his first customer allegedly being a travelling salesman going on a date. Into the mid 1920’s and some entrepreneurs were recording […]

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Choosing a Used Car

Brand new isn’t always the best choice. There are many benefits to buying a second-hand vehicle, but there are also some traps that unsuspecting buyers can fall into without even knowing. This guide will walk you through some of the real upsides to buying a used car, as well as highlighting a few areas you […]

How a Digital Pre-Inspection Tool Can Be the Key to Millions in Growth

Customers across the world are going digital. With the new battleground for company growth being customer convenience and user experience, a 2022 report by Accenture shares that even “a single point increase in customer experience scores can results in millions of dollars in annual growth.” That is exactly what pre-inspection tool can do for insurance […]

Introducing SmartScan by DriveX

The DriveX solution includes a simple and easy to use process that will help your users successfully complete the process without additional help. SmartScan is a guided web application accessible without any downloads required, and supports iOS and Android devices. Created in February 2020, SmartScan was designed initially for vehicle insurance company policy processes, however since […]

Unlocking and Storing Your Car’s History

Even the biggest car enthusiast can struggle to understand their car’s history. For most, the car only begins to matter the moment it is purchased from a dealership or from another owner. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Your car has a secret past, and it’s time you found out. Key Certificates […]

What is DriveX and How Does It Help Insurance Companies?

DriveX may not be a household name (yet!) but our solution is something you and your customers have been crying out for. A guided image capture solution may not have been your first thought but below we’ll show how insurance companies and their customers are thriving after implementing DriveX. What is DriveX We are an […]

How Do You Flag High-Risk Profiles in Underwriting?

“Insurance is a financial animal,” said Frank Jones, an independent insurance agent and partner at Mints Insurance in New Jersey. The constant management of costs associated with claims and the ongoing desire to offer competitive rates to the highest value client whilst avoiding the highest risk, is a balancing act that could cost or earn […]

How Legacy Systems Don’t Take Into Account Customer Experience

It’s hard to admit when something is over. For years it worked perfectly but today you spend more time plugging ever-increasing holes than you do making improvements. These old programs that many businesses still run on today are referred to as legacy systems, and they’re putting the brakes on your growth. How to spot if […]

Talking Numbers: How Much Money Is Being Lost in Fraudulent Payouts?

When it comes to the world of insurance, there are no small numbers. From payouts to claims and fraudulent activities, everyone has a role in ensuring that insured parties get what they deserve. According to recent research from Insurance Business America (IBA), one out of every five people who file an insurance claim is committing […]

4 Common Car Inspection Image Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Car inspection images are a critical step in the battle against fraudulent / inflated insurance claims. Blurry shots, missing angles and outdated images are all just a few of the regular issues that can cause additional costs or allow for users to mislead insurers.  With the ability to save insurance companies literally billions, we wanted […]

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